Siegfried Rilling (MD)

He was the founder of experience medicine, founder of the laboratory Dr. Bayer in Stuttgart, expert of ozone oxygen therapy, inventor and researcher of Biotonometrie® and the Biotonometer®, honorary member of the German Oncological Society, famous non-toxic doctor specialised on cancer and so on.

Doctor and human

Siegfried Rilling (MD) died in March 2014 with nearly 93 years.


  • Medical specialist for roentgenology and radiology (since 1950)
  • General practitioner (since 1971)
  • Practising homoeopathic doctor, private practice till 1998


More than 14 surgeries shaped Siegfried Rilling (MD) as well as a patient and always kept him active. To read about pain or illness in a report is something different as to suffer from pain or illness. So, the desire to measure “vegetative medicine” (entire body) fast emerged in the past, similar to height, blood pressure or blood values. This was the motive also for his diseases to investigate the vegetative nervous system and the sense of the following Biotonometrie® and its corresponding device.


Science and conventional medicine do not accept the existence of biocybernetic and biocybernetic systems including scalar waves, ist medical and other importance  and bioscan-SWA analyses because of missing scientific proof according to academic medicine. The here applied scalar waves are directed waves, which spread in the direction of a field pointer (longitudinal waves). Although they, for instance, also appear as gravitation waves or sound waves, they especially have an outstanding meaning as electric and magnetic field phenomena.